Understanding sustainability – Making a positive impact

The word sustainability highlighted in red with a part description of its meaning

Sustainability is a complex and rich area of overlapping focuses and desires and outcomes. It can be personal and can be a corporate value all at the same time. 

Although many attempts have been made to compartmentalise the concept of sustainability, Glimmer has focused on balancing its view through the four pillars of sustainability (they are that of Human, Social, Economic and Environmental). Further, we welcome discussion, as many interpretations and representations are possible. This is to ensure that those Glimmer Values we have outlined, committed to, and live by, have been met and encouraged. 

Given the vast gaps that can exist between people with not only differing focuses of sustainability, but indeed outlook on life itself, it’s important to try and group and observe these differences together. And in a way that can be maintained, perpetuated and well, be sustainable.

Glimmer encourages its Well-wishers to ensure that the engagement on this topic is through a singular vision, through a positive lens. Therefore, we have our ‘Glowing’ (trending) and ‘Glow Boards’ of internal promotion of everyday Well-wishers and businesses as our champions and relevant influencers.

Now, of course, positivity is about respect and friendliness of interest as well as inclusivity, consideration, and empathy. However, it’s also about intent and ultimately, delivery.

Things in this world can be difficult, and here at Glimmer, we do not want to shy away from this. Instead, we want to make sure that those difficult moments are buoyed and balanced with a measure of success, and therefore, optimistic outcomes along that ultimately sustainable path that is being lit and brightened by our Well-wishers through their posts and comments.

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