About Us

Glimmer—The Sustainability Network—was founded on the premise that the world needs a new approach to social media.

Imagine a social media platform that cares for its users, promotes well-being, and encourages sustainable living. A network that harnesses the power of connecting people to make positive change for a better world.

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Hi, I’m Nancy Lutchman, founder and CEO of Glimmer—The Sustainability Network.

In the summer of 2019/2020, we watched bushfires wreak devastation and suffering to vast areas of Australia. But amongst the blackened trees and ashes, there was a glimpse of something extraordinary—communities banding together, complete strangers helping strangers. The power of people gave me a glimmer of hope.

A passion ignited in me, a desire to see change. I wanted to use my expertise to create something to harness that people power. With my professional experience in technology and business, I realised I could create a platform to promote and encourage positive collaboration around social and environmental sustainability.

After significant challenges, not least a global pandemic, our team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals, from across Australia and New Zealand, have worked tirelessly to create a new kind of social media platform.

We can now proudly announce the launch of Glimmer—The Sustainability Network, Australia’s very first social media platform, and the world’s first social network to focus on sustainability and well-being.

Sustainability, climate change and well-being are increasing areas of concern for individuals, communities and businesses across the world. Glimmer is a network that enables conversations, communications, promotions and collaboration towards building a better world.

We are super excited for Glimmer to be the go-to social platform for people to connect, share positive stories, and discover new ways to better look after each other and our planet.

At Glimmer, we can band together to help our world thrive. Why don’t you join us?

Our Beliefs:

  • We believe in being kind to each other.
  • We believe in digital privacy and security for all.
  • We believe in providing information from credible sources.
  • We believe that everyone has the power to make a difference. We are committed to providing resources and support for people—individuals and communities—to make an impact.
  • We strongly believe that, by connecting the world for purpose, we can create a better future.

Our Team

Nancy Lutchman
Founder and CEO

Dan Daugaard

Yolandi Jardim

Prue Ingram
Head of Partnerships

Amit Kishore
Head of Marketing

Kaylee Bipraj
Social Media & Digital Content

Michelle Daugaard
Senior Writer & Editor

Daniel Allan
Youth Writer