Be Positive. Be Kinder.

Think, do, be positive

One of the focuses here at Glimmer is highlighting the positive in our respective sustainability journeys. It’s important to remember that the internet is a series of communities, and Glimmer wants to engage and interact, positively, with as many as possible.

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So, keep up that positive outlook and consider the following:

  • Keep the promise to yourself to remain positive. Choose to not engage online in a way that can be detrimental. Promise yourself to focus on how you can heal or help with your input.
  • Share the good stuff! When you see something positive that resonates with you, share it with others, link and repost and comment and be excited by those things that bring a smile to your face with the conversations that you initiate.
  • Support others to be positive. Engage with your friends, family, and other communities with an encouraging voice. One that invites open discussion but does not get distracted by pettiness, and instead, is open to all and helps drive a conversation, as opposed to just being another shout in an echo chamber.
  • And lastly, but importantly, – Be kind. That’s it. Just be kind when you interact. Be polite. Don’t feed the negative things you come across, and instead, focus on those things and people where your kindness can be spread simply and honestly.

Keep these things in mind and you will help cement that foundation of positive interaction out there in this increasingly complex digital frontier.

Let’s ensure we’re taking better care of ourselves, each other, and the planet we live on.

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