Types of Sustainability

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Sustainability is a concept that you perhaps know a bit about or at least have become familiar with. It is becoming more of a focus of governments, businesses, organisations, and individuals all around you. 

So, what is it? Well, it can mean different things to people. When Glimmer refers to sustainability, instead of circling a single attribute of this topic, the focus is on all the varying types, the core four, as it were: 

  • Human i.e., focus is on a person, or people as physical beings and their well-being, both mental and physical
  • Social i.e., focus is on the communities of the person/ people and how to ensure its longevity and goals 
  • Economic i.e., the focus is on the ways that these people and their communities and commerce operate.
  • Environmental i.e., the focus is on the world and all its flora and fauna and land mass and oceans that these people in their communities and commerce live, work and play!

This may seem simple enough, but the variety of the types can be vast. And none exist all on their own. Instead, there is a common thread through these four types, and that thread is around maintainable behaviours. When you hear sustainability, you can in a very simple way, think of it as something that can be maintained in a continuing, ongoing, and perpetual manner. 

Now to clarify what this means for Glimmer, think about it like this:

[A] …sustainable business seeks to integrate all four sustainability pillars, and to reach this aim each one needs to be treated equally  

Of course, the fourth type, environmental, is a big one at Glimmer. Because, well, planet Earth is amazing and it’s our home. And we need to look after it so that we can have sustainable human, social and economic goals! 

Here at Glimmer, we know it’s time to have this conversation on an everyday level. Because we are all here together, and we want to ensure that the discourse is positive and driving toward an achievable set of goals to maintain this good thing we all have—this beautiful planet. 

Not only that, but we aim to be positive and engaged. We want to make sure we are taking better care of ourselves, each other, and our planet.

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