How do we create better habits for a more sustainable future?

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It might seem like changing to a more earth-friendly lifestyle takes moving mountains. But the reality is that it’s really all down to small changes in our day-to-day habits or choices. Some of you have great habits already, therefore, share this information on Glimmer and advocate for sustainable living.

What has worked for you and what have you enjoyed in trying to lower your environmental impact? Sharing what you have learned or what you are doing not only helps other people on their own journeys, but it may also inspire some new ideas for yourself as you exchange ideas. Whether offline or online, as you continue to impart your thoughts, it often becomes inevitable that you’d find a community of like-minded people who share the same ideals and interests. These can often spark new friendships and even professional connections. Never underestimate how something positive you share might inspire someone, somewhere!

Here’s a ‘sustainability six’ list Glimmer has compiled of simple habit changes that could lead to a more sustainable lifestyle. Remember, the key is to begin with small steps.

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1. Spend more time in nature

There is something about being in nature that compels us to appreciate the wonder and beauty Mother Nature has to offer for the eyes and our soul. Inevitably, it also causes us to think about the importance of being kinder to her so we and the next generation could continue being able to appreciate its rich goodness. It is easy to forget our planet home while living in a concrete jungle, but being in nature helps reconnect us to the one nest we all live in and have a responsibility to protect.

2. Reduce meat consumption

While the evidence is clear that less meat consumption is better for our planet, we understand how it is hard for some of us who have been eating meat all our lives to completely cut out all meat on the get-go. If you do have to eat meat, it’s best to get sustainably farmed options, such as sustainably farmed or low-impact meat.

3. Read and learn more about how to be kinder to our planet

Knowledge is power, and although awareness doesn’t necessarily lead to action, action always starts with awareness. If you are not knowledgeable about sustainability issues such as the human impact on our planet and what we could do for a better future, you’re in a good place as Glimmer is a good start!

4. Try supporting ethical and sustainable companies and brands

All businesses depend on you for their survival — every purchase you make is a vote for the kind of business you want to support and the world you want to see. By supporting brands that are making a conscious effort for the betterment of people and the planet, you’re helping them succeed.

5. Wash your clothes less

To reduce our impact on the environment, we truly do not need to wash our clothes so often, unless they have obvious soil or odour. When we do wash them, using cold water is way better than hot water. Also, different fabrics require different amounts of cleaning — for example, wool and cashmere have self-cleaning properties and definitely do not require frequent washing. Reducing our fashion footprint isn’t just about choosing the right brands, it’s also about choosing the right garment caring habits!

6. Fix and mend things instead of replacing them

With the rising convenience offered by technology in getting things whether it’s a new shirt or a new love interest, we default to replacing things instead of fixing them when they don’t work well. A garment that is damaged a little could still be worn with a bit of sewing, a heel that snapped off could be fixed in a mere hour or so. Think about it…

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