A Glimmer of hope through responsible and ethical design

At Glimmer, we believe that as a technology platform we have a social, ethical, and human rights responsibility to carefully consider our business decisions. To do good for the greater good. To be a force for good!

We feel that many platforms need to seriously rethink and redesign their architectural infrastructures and reconsider their business decisions. 

Because evidence shows that unethical design causes an increase in toxic online communication, hate speech, and poor digital well-being. This intentional design approach continues to cause serious harm to the well-being of individuals and their families, which often has wide-ranging impacts on society.

To address the widespread toxic communication online, and the ‘flawed’ design of platforms infrastructures that both support and amplify polarising and antagonistic behaviours both offline and online, Glimmer sets a new and unique precedent in mitigating the harms to and by society.

Glimmer is social networking with a conscience.

Uniquely positioned to drive engagement on its platform with the intent and premise of sharing optimism, goodwill, and by inspiring and empowering others, Glimmer encourages users to be their authentic selves and everyday heroes by showing kindness in a safe and positive online environment. 

We strongly believe that technology can and should be used for the greater good.

If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to embrace our vulnerabilities, stressors, and fears. But equally important, it has also shown us that we should be prioritising our social relationships—our family and friends. 

While this has been challenging owing to the physical distancing, many of us have embraced technology. Social media platforms have enabled us to communicate online, and for some this helps to reduce some of the loneliness and isolation, especially during this trying period. 

By connecting with people, we can share in each other’s joy and pain. 

To celebrate in each other’s triumphs: the birth of a baby, a wedding we were unable to physically attend, or the graduation of a sibling, child, or even parent. And to offer emotional support when we need it most. Often when we are experiencing challenging times in our everyday lives, such as when losing a loved one, or experiencing financial worries owing to job loss. 

Communicating via our internet-enabled devices has become a way of life for many of us, both in the developed and developing countries around the world.

But, did you know that about one billion of the world’s population lives with a disability?

For a person who has autism and/or who experiences severe social anxiety, technology has enabled them to communicate and engage in a safe place. 

At Glimmer, we enable our Well-wishers (users) to seamlessly share secure inspirational and fun messages, uplifting photos, videos, audios, GIFs, and memes with people who they choose to connect with on our sustainability-focused platform. 

On the Glimmer app, encryption is embedded in all its features, including chat, voice calls, and video calls because your personal information, privacy, and security are especially important to us. 

Some platforms continue to drive engagement through highly charged and reactive posts, ultimately profiting from this outrage. Technology companies are voluntarily becoming, or are being forced to become, more transparent about their business practices. 

Platforms’ content moderation processes, both automated and human; policies; and ultimately, the platform’s design architecture that drives engagement, are under increasing public pressure and governmental scrutiny. While some choose to reform, others resist.

In our increasingly hate-filled and reactive online social media environment that has real-world consequences, real and meaningful change can be achieved.

And if you’re wondering, there is a Glimmer of hope. 

As global citizens, we believe that we all have a shared responsibility of taking better care of each other, and our planet.

Glimmer aims to challenge the status quo and drive positive change in the social media landscape, both online and offline. To do good, for the greater good.

Through an ethical, and human-centred design approach from the outset, we show that social media platforms can and should do better

By designing with ethical intent, we design with empathy, for everyone. Because everyone’s needs are different. 

We design to be inclusive and strive to ensure that all voices are heard. 

Let’s take better care of ourselves, each other, and the planet. Let every proactive step to being kinder to each other and the planet help change the world for the better.

Glimmer. Be inspired.

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Angry by design: toxic communication and technical architectures


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