A conversation with Glimmer founder and CEO, Nancy Lutchman

Nancy Lutchman, Glimmer founder and CEO

Well, Nancy, hello! It’s great to finally sit down and chat with you. There are plenty of people interested in knowing more about Glimmer and getting a picture of the woman behind this new female-led initiative.

Thanks for this opportunity. I’d much rather talk about Glimmer than myself because I genuinely believe in what Glimmer stands for, and I’m so excited by its potential for good positive change.

Sounds intriguing, and we’ll get to that, but let’s start by briefly talking about you. 

Okay, first and foremost, I am a mum. And as a mum, just like all mums I’m sure, I long for my children to grow up in a world that has a bright future. 

As for my professional life: I am an experienced digital technology leader, having held several international senior management and technology advisory positions in Australia and internationally. I have gained extensive experience from start-ups to multinational companies, to the big four consulting firms. 

What motivated you to give away a successful career and start the Glimmer journey?  

Hmm, I’ve been thinking about this recently, and I think the seed was planted when I was younger.

I travelled extensively, to all sorts of places. But it wasn’t the places that impacted me most, but the people. Some people had nothing, absolutely nothing. And that shouldn’t be, especially when others have so much. I was hit by the sheer inequality of the world, the brokenness of it. 

Then in the summer of 2019/2020, when we all watched those extreme bushfires devastating vast areas of Australia, I noticed the suffering there, so much suffering. It was quite awful to watch.

But as I watched, I started to notice something extraordinary. Amid the dead animals and destroyed homes, communities were banding together; complete strangers were helping strangers.

We saw the same thing happening more recently with the floods in northern NSW, didn’t we? The power of people. That people power gave me a glimmer of hope….and the idea for Glimmer.

I wanted to use my expertise to create something to harness that people power.

With my professional experience, I realised that I could create a platform to promote and encourage positive collaboration around social and environmental sustainability.

It was two years ago that passion was ignited in me. That passion for seeing change. That change wasn’t going to happen by itself, and now, two years later, Glimmer is launched.

We had significant challenges, not least a global pandemic. But my dedicated team and I can proudly announce we’ve launched the world’s first social network to focus on sustainability and well-being. 

What exactly is Glimmer?

Ha! I’m so glad you asked. As I said, Glimmer is a social networking platform focused on social and sustainability awareness and collaboration. We bring together like-minded people, businesses, and organisations to inspire each other and, at the same time, help save the planet.

Glimmer is packed with features. It’s a unique, all-in-one app combining great social media features and seamless interaction opportunities for its digital community. There is also a built-in communications feature that includes chat, audio calls, and video calls.

But in addition, businesses have the opportunity, through our business account feature, to proudly showcase their initiatives to help save the planet and take care of people, whilst building and enhancing customer and brand loyalty.

Glimmer also provides an unparalleled experience for media organisations and news outlets to publish all their latest information on a dedicated platform on sustainability to a like-minded audience.

Many people might say there are already too many social media platforms. So, how does Glimmer differ from all the others? 

The emphasis for Glimmer is positivity and encouragement, looking after each other’s well-being. Glimmer is all about inclusivity and respect. 

It is the only dedicated platform in the world to focus on social and environmental sustainability. Essentially, it’s a place where people are having fun and being informed, truthfully informed, whilst taking care of each other and our planet.

I must also mention that this is all done in a secure environment. We do not, and never will, sell your data to third parties.

You’ve clearly been extremely busy over the last few years. Have you had any time to unwind? 

Ha ha, no, not really. But when I get a spare minute, I try to get out in nature with my family to reconnect with each other and our beautiful environment. I do like a good coastal walk.

Thanks, Nancy. Any last words? 

Thank you. The success of Glimmer is so important to me. I am really motivated to leave this planet healthier and happier, and I believe Glimmer is such an excellent way for us to use our people power to help each other achieve that.

The Glimmer app is available on the Apple app store and Google play store. There is also a web app version. And I encourage everyone to join the community and make an impact!

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